Pre-Configured Pole Mount Designs

Fast-track your design process.
Choose from pre-engineered mount designs.
Get a quick price quote.

Our pre-engineered mounts allow you to get a mount design that suits standard project needs so you can accelerate your order and installation planning. Like our custom-configured solar mounts, these standard designs have been developed using comprehensive engineering checks to achieve optimal utility and reliability.

To find a pole mount that fits your solar project, select the following options:

  1. The total number of PV modules per array. Array options range from 8 to 25 modules.
  2. The wind and snow loads that meet your installation site demands. You can check with your local AHJ to get these details or input your location into the ASCE Hazard Tool to get these specs.
  3. Module sizes up to : 74” x 41” or 87” x 44”.

A calculation packet with construction drawings is available for every mount shown here. PE-stamped drawings are available for an additional fee.

If your project requires mount design options that aren’t available in the options below, use the AutoDesigner to create a custom mount design and get a quote. You can also request a custom design and a price by submitting your project specs through the Design and Estimate Assistance form.