STEP 1: Your Information                                      
Name or Company:  
Project Name:    
STEP 2: Project Inputs              
Module Quantity
Module Length (in.)
Module Width (in.)
Tilt Angle (°)
Maximum Wind Speed* (mph)
Ground Snowload (psf)
Footing Type
Include mounting posts in the order?
*Assumed Exposure: C
*Assumed Soil Type: 5 [clay, sandy clay, silty clay]
STEP 3: Engineered Outputs  
  Array Dimensions    
Front Edge Clearance 1'-6"   Maximum Array Height (ft.)        
Post Beam Size W6x9   Array Length (ft.)        
Number of Posts   Array Width (ft.)        
Post Spacing   Rail Cantilever (ft.)        
Footing Depth          
Footing Diameter 1'-4"          
Post Length Above Grade          
Post Calculated Length (in.)              
Post Provided Length (in.)            
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Bill of Materials (BOM)
Item Quantity Specifications        
*All compents are included with mount package        
Materials Required for Foundation
cubic yds.
Forces at Ground
X Load lbs.
Y Load lbs.
Moment ft-lbs.