Name or Company:      
Project Name:      
Module Size
Pole Mount Model
(Number of Modules)
Desired Tilt Angle (°)
(90 degrees is vertical)      
Front Edge Ground Clearance (ft.)
(At tilt angle)      
Wind Speed (mph)
Exposure Category
Ground Snow Load (psf)
(Calculates 'roof snow load' based on tilt)      
Include the module rails?
Pole Size Automatically Calculated        
Foundation Shape
Foundation Width (ft.)
Site Soil Classification Code
SKU   Array Dimensions:    
Number of Poles   Overall Array Height (ft.)    
Support Pole Size Required   Array E/W Dimension (ft.)    
Mount Frame Duty     Array N/S Dimension (ft.)    
 Spin Prevention Bolts          
Pole Length Above Grade ft.        
Total Pole Length ft.        
Foundation Depth ft. deep        
Pole Spacing: ft.        
Calculated Wind Load on Array lbs.      
Force at Ground Level (Wind Load x Pole Length)      
  (Picture the pole as a lever arm, the wind applies the force and the pole tries to move the dirt to lean over)      
Rotational Twist/Torque (Single Pole) ft-lbs.      
Calculated Snow Load on Array lbs.      
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Calculations based on ASCE 7-16 and IBC 2018
All information for project estimation purposes only.