truck parked under solar carport

Solar Power Plus Shade

A covered parking structure for home or business that generates power. The Solar Carport is also a perfect match for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. MT Solar offers many configuration options.

The MT Solar Carport allows for higher winds, heavier snow, and steeper tilts.

Solar Canopy = Dual-Use of Space

  • Efficient use of space – dual-purpose
  • Convenient Electric Vehicle charging at work or home
  • Protects and shades vehicles and equipment
  • Reduced energy expenses using renewables
solar canopies over outdoor ATM machines at a bank

Solar Carport Specifications:

  • Parking: east/west or north/south
  • Accommodates most PV module sizes
  • Coverage for 2-6 vehicles per array
  • Engineered for heavy snow and high wind
  • PE Stamp available in 50 states
  • Tilt Angle from 5° to 30°
  • Seasonal Tilt Adjustment
  • Heavy Duty Tamarack 3.1 Rail system

Parking Orientation

solar carport drawing with two electric vehicles parked beneath

Solar Carport – North/South Parking

solar power generating carport with tesla electric cars underneath

Solar Carport – East/West Parking

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