Tamarack Top of Pole Mount from rear with 4 solar modules mounted

Tamarack Top of Pole Mount (pipe series)

Mounts 2-6 modules on a single pole

This collaboration between MT Solar and Tamarack Solar provides an appealing, simple, strong, easy-to-install mount for weekend cabins, water pumping, remote monitoring, and other uses where only a few modules are needed per pole.


modules on a single pole

4″ or 6″

pipe for pole

149 sq. ft.

of module per mount

Tamarack Pole Mount Features:

  • Mounted on 4″ or 6″ schedule 40 or 80 poles
  • 0° to 60º tilt angle
  • Engineered for up to 140 mph wind speed
  • Engineered for up to 100 psf snow load
  • Uses Tamarack 3.1 Rails
  • 2″ pipe sourced locally (see install manual)
  • Can be hoisted after modules are assembled
  • See manual below for foundation engineering information