Install a superior solar racking solution with MT Solar’s pole mount.

Protect your solar investment with a durable structure that optimizes module production and efficiency.

solar panels with glacier national park in backgound

Designed and built to withstand extreme environments.

If your project needs consideration for heavy snow or high winds, this is the right mount for you. Our engineering design software will recommend the right mount for your site conditions without the extra cost of “overbuilding” it.

Made To Order

Every MT Solar Pole Mount is built specifically for your PV modules and the installation site conditions.

Choose your desired ground clearance.

Front edge ground clearance is fully customizable for aesthetics or orientation. Some customers prefer a shade structure on their property. Public spaces may want to raise the array out of reach for security reasons. Or perhaps you just want to rise above the shade of trees. In any instance, you can design the mount that fits your project.

solar pole mount array with high ground clearance in forest setting

Adjust Your Angle

The manual tracker allows for easy tilt adjustments from the ground. Change your angle for the season to increase production or tilt it verticle for easier module maintenance.

Pole Mount Design Options

  • Made-to-order based on module size and site conditions.
  • Single or Muti-pole options are available to suit your projects’ terrain.
  • 1-16 modules per pole (varies based on module size).
  • Larger arrays connect multiple poles for extra stability.
  • Modules mounted 3, 4, or 5 high in landscape orientation.
  • Front edge ground clearance is customizable (5 foot minimum recommended).
  • Engineering calc packs are available to assist with engineering and permitting.
  • Multiple frame duties and pole sizes to accommodate any wind or snow load.
  • Steel support poles are not included and should be sourced locally.
solar ground mount drawing stamped by engineer

Foundations & Engineering:

You will receive a complimentary foundation recommendation for concrete embedded posts. You will also get an engineering calculation packet for the foundation, rack, pole, rails, etc. We can assist you in getting a stamped drawing for all 50 states. Stamped drawings are available at an extra cost.

Hoisting the Array:

MT Solar chain hoist options for solar arrays makes installations easier and more efficient.  This patented feature requires less equipment and time for installers at the site. The ability to assemble the array at a comfortable height and then hoist it to its final position all from the ground is what makes our mounting solution stand out from the rest.  But be careful, we have been told this can be habit forming. Some installers tell us they will never use another mounting option after using MT Solar!

Safety in Mind:

On any project there are potential hazards to you and your installation team.  So when you have the chance to minimize your risk that is always a benefit.  MT Solar’s pole mount will reduce ladder time and the need to lift solar modules overhead.

solar array in parking lot of credit union

Customer Support

  • Talk to real people, ready to help you throughout the process
  • Project design assistance for specific site conditions
  • Support is available to ensure projects are finished efficiently
  • Easy-to-follow installation manuals
  • Seamless mounting process to ensure a painless experience for installers and project managers
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