Unlock the full potential of your solar modules.

Pole Mounted Arrays from Montana Solar help you maximize your solar production while providing unmatched durability for your investment.

Maximize Output

Mounting on the ground gives you the ability to point your solar modules directly at the sun. You are no longer constrained to the orientation, slope, or size of your roof. You’ll also get the best output from your solar array due to increased air flow, optimal tilt, and snow shedding.

Pole Mount vs. Roof Mount Solar: Which is right for your project?

Dual-Use of Land

With pole-mounted solar arrays, the land underneath the array is still usable and accessible. The ground clearance provided by MT Solar Pole Mounts allows for mowing, growing crops, parking, shade areas, etc. Ground clearance also protects your solar panels from debris, animals, and vandalism.

Learn about the benefits of ground clearance

solar carport with two vehicles parked beneath
ground mounted solar array in open wyoming lands.

Built To Last

Designed and engineered to thrive in heavy snow and high winds, MT Solar pole mounts ensure long-term durability. The mounts are proudly made in the USA with American steel. Trust your solar system to a proven, installer-favorite when it comes to racking.

Find A Local Installer

We recommend working with a local solar professional to design and build your solar system. They can help you determine your needs, size an appropriate system, and procure and install all the necessary equipment. MT Solar Pole Mounts are installed throughout the United States and Canada, use this map to find a solar professional near you.

map of united states showing location of mt solar installers

Design Your Own

Are you interested in designing your pole-mounted solar array? MT Solar’s AutoDesigner tool is here to help. You can test out different layouts and find the mount that is best suited to your site and environmental factors, including wind and snow loads. All of MT Solar’s Pole mounts are designed specifically for the solar modules used and the site conditions. Therefore, it is important to know which solar modules (panels) you are using ahead of time. Sign up for an account to get access to the AutoDesigner tool.

Download the Pole Mount Brochure PDF

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