How To Order an MT Solar Mount

Every MT Solar Mount is made to order based on site-specific variables. Since solar mounts and installations need to account for these variables, we want to show you how to order an MT Solar mount that meets every one of your requirements.  From there, our goal is to ensure your expectations are surpassed.

If this is your first time ordering an MT Solar ground mount, follow these steps to take your project from a concept to a complete mount that’s ready for installation.

What You Need Before You Get Started

To fit an MT Solar mount to your needs, you’ll want to have these details ready:

  • The address of your installation site.
  • Your PV module’s dimensions in inches (length and width) and the total number of modules you’ll use in your solar array.
  • Your MT Solar account login details. If you haven’t yet set up an account, follow these steps:
    • Select My Account from the navigation menu
    • Click on Register below the Log In button
    • Enter your information. If you’re a solar industry professional, choose Solar Professional under the User Type option. This will give you access to industry tips, exclusive discounts, and marketing resources to help you grow your business.

Design Your Mount and Get a Quote

The design process determines your mount’s look, structure, components, and price. It starts with the Solar Mount AutoDesigner.

SkyCiv developed this tool specifically for MT Solar’s pole mounts. Instead of taking days and multiple rounds of evaluation, the AutoDesigner performs real-time engineering in just minutes, enabling you to drive your project design and make changes with a few clicks.

The AutoDesigner is very easy to use but if you prefer to work with the MT Solar design team, you can use the Design and Estimate Assistance form to get mount design and site-specific foundation recommendations.

Start Designing Your Mount

  1. Under the Planning option in the navigation, select Design and Quoting Tool
  2. Enter your design specifics in the appropriate fields.

Starting with the project name, installation address, the dimensions of your PV modules and how you’d like them configured in rows and columns, the ground clearance of the lowest point, etc.

If you need assistance with this process, the AutoDesigner How-To video series will guide you through the steps.

  1. After entering all design details, click the green Check button on the upper right side.

The AutoDesigner will apply location-specific data to your design and determine the appropriate size for the pole(s) that support your mount and its frame duty class (standard, heavy, extra-heavy).

It also will display a utilization rating that shows how well-suited it is to your location and output potential. This process uses a range of engineering data to determine the rating and whether your design is ready to be quoted for a price.

  1. Select the Get Instant Quote! option to get a 3D rendering of your solar mount.

You can rotate and zoom in and out on your mount’s structure, including its foundation, pole, rails, frame, and solar array.

Your mount’s 3D rendering will open in a separate window. If it does not appear, you may need to disable the pop-up or ad-blocker on your web browser.

  1. Select the Proceed to Quote option and review your mount’s product page.

Your mount’s custom product page includes images, design specs, and other details. Scroll down to the Description section and select Additional Information. You’ll be able to view all of the specs of your project.

  1. Download a Calculation Pack PDF for project specs and planning.

You can download a Calc Pack PDF by clicking on the URL to the right of pdf in the Additional Information section of your mount’s product page.

The Calc Pack will list important information on your mount, including its foundation type and size. You can use this info to get estimates and make arrangements with any professionals you’ll need to contract, such as excavator operators, cement suppliers, etc.

  1. Save Your Design

Click on the Add To Cart button on your mount’s product page. From the cart, you can save the design to a project list. We’ll outline the steps in the next section.

Build Your Project List And Choose Your Add-ons

Now that you’ve finished your mount’s design and defined its specs, you can start building your project list and planning your order. A project list gives you an easy way to keep track of necessary add-ons and makes purchasing extra efficient. 

  1. Create a Project List

After adding your design to your cart, select the Save As Project List option. You can access it under the Project Lists section of your My Account dashboard.

  1. Start Choosing Your Project Add-Ons

Your mount will include all structural components, but some additional parts and tools are needed to install your project.

Add-ons required to install an MT Solar mount:

      • Chain Hoist(s) and Lift Bracket(s) – One chain hoist and one lift bracket with safety chain are needed for every pole in a mount’s design. These parts are used to raise the mount during installation.
      • Micro-Inverter Adapators(s) – You’ll need a micro-inverter adaptor for every inverter, optimizer, or automatic shutdown device you’ll incorporate into your mount. These adaptors are made for the Tamarack rail kit that comes standard with each mount.

Optional add-ons to consider for your project list:

      • Tamarack Wire Management Clips – Wire management clips are not required for installation but they help keep wires tidy during equipment bonding and grounding.
      • Tilt Angle Indicator(s) – Tilt angle indicators provide a clear visual indication of your mount’s angle, making it easy to keep track of adjustments.
  1. Review Your Project’s Permit Requirements

If your permit does not require a stamped engineering drawing or if no permit is needed for your project, you can go ahead and purchase your mount and all add-ons.

If you require a stamped engineering drawing, you’ll need to add engineering services to your project before you purchase your mount.

Get A Stamped Engineering Drawing

To get a location-based, professional engineering (PE) stamp on your mount’s design, we’ll coordinate with a PE firm on your behalf. You can submit the stamped drawing to your AHJ with other permitting documentation. This service is available for all US states and territories, and Canadian provinces.

  1. Add Stamped Engineering to Your Project

Select Stamped Engineering Drawings under the Planning menu.

Choose the Stamped Engineering Drawing with Calculations option. On this page, enter the URL of your mount’s product page and paste it into the Link to Product/Mount field, then select Add to Cart.

  1. Purchase Your Stamped Engineering Drawing

With your stamped engineering drawing in your cart, proceed to checkout and complete your purchase.

To make any design changes after ordering an engineering drawing, purchase a stamped revision for a reduced price.

  1. Download Your PDF

When your documentation is stamped and ready, you’ll receive a PDF through the email associated with your MT Solar account. You can also get a copy from the Downloads section under your My Account dashboard.

After getting your permit, you can purchase your mount and all add-ons in your project list.

Finalize Your Order and Purchase

It’s time to get your mount into production and purchase your add-ons.

  1. Enter Your Payment and Shipping Details

Go to the Project List section from the My Account dashboard. Review the items in your order by selecting the View option, then select Add to Cart.

Enter your billing and shipping information. If you need liftgate services or other delivery accommodations, you can specify those requests when entering your shipping details.

  1. Review Your Purchase

Make sure all of your details are correct. If you need to return any items or request a refund, a 25% restocking fee will be applied, so be sure to check your order carefully. You can always contact us if you have questions about what you need before you buy.

  1. Complete the Checkout and Order Your Mount.

Once you submit your order, we start manufacturing your mount. We’ll prepare and package everything to help your installation go smoothly.

What Happens Next?

While we’re manufacturing your mount, you’ll want to continue planning your project so you can hit the ground running when it’s time for the installation.

Use this post-order checklist to keep your project moving forward.

  • Purchase your PV modules if you haven’t already.
  • Identify the pole size(s) you’ll need for your mount and connect with a local source for steel pole(s).
  • Check the size and shape of your mount foundation(s) and get estimates for cement supply, mixing, and pouring.
  • Contract with excavation services for digging the mount’s foundation(s) and pipe setting.
  • Contract with electrician services for the mount’s equipment bonding and grounding.   
  • Check out our guides and videos to see the foundation preparation and mount installation processes.