Pole Mounts designed to make your installs easier.

Easier Assembly at Waist Level

No Cranes or Special Equipment

No Overhead Lifting

Safer Installs

Time Savings

Cost Savings

Made in the USA with American Steel

Top of Pole Mounts

High Ground Clearance

Engineered for High Wind and Snow

Easy Tilt Adjust

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What Customers Are Saying:

Love your pole mounts, easy to install. 3 under our belts so far, last one at a helicopter only site. I am just writing to say Kudos

Ed, Renewable Energy Systems, AK

I love the product, just sold 4 more!

Noah, You Power Solar, MA

We just finished up the 32 panel MT Solar ground mount in New Jersey that we purchased from AEE Solar. MT Solar has a great product and we would no doubt use this type of system in the future. Thanks again.

Joel, True Enterprises LLC, NJ

Please accept my commendations on the quality of workmanship and the great instruction manual you have put together.  I know I haven’t finished my install, but I can tell this is the best choice I could have made.

Steve Z, Homeowner, WA

I purchased this unit last summer, and installed in the fall.  I’ve been meaning to write and compliment Travis and MT Solar on the integrity of the mount and the design itself.  Went up easy, looks to be rock solid and should last a lifetime.  Great quality for the $$. Thanks for your help!

Brent K, Homeowner, Pincher Creek, AB

We installed a 6” top 6 system, and from start to finish the staff and products from MT Solar were excellent.  They were able to meet a reduced deadline and keep our job on schedule.  Thank you to the entire staff of MT Solar.”

Matt, Third Sun Solar, OH

You guys REALLY have a great thing going there with this TPM system! Pass on my good word and thanks for your help!

Ed, Renewable Energy Management, MT

Working with MT Solar has allowed me to provided a rock solid, cost effective solution to my customers. My customers have been thrilled with the end product and the customer service is top-notch.

Brett, BriteStreet (Distributor), Denver, CO

I will never buy another pole mount that is not made by MT Solar! 

Ed, Berlin Area Renewable Energy Initiative, NH

Amazing product! We will be using nothing but MT solar for pole mounts. It’s as easy as it gets. Our company and customers could not be happier!

Tyler, Buffalo Solar Solutions, NY

I am very glad I went with your system, working bottom to top is the only way to go.

Leo, Homeowner, MI

I could not be more impressed with MT Solar throughout the entire process. This array is an outstanding piece of engineering and manufacturing!

Andrew, Homeowner, SD

At OnSite, we are proud Montana Renewable Energy Association members and encourage everyone to support MREA and its instrumental work in transforming Montana`s renewable energy landscape.

If you are ready to meet the moment alongside MREA, please consider making a year-end contribution. You can donate online at www.montanarenewables.org/meetingthemoment2024. The link is in the bio. 🌤
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Make it a green Friday! Take advantage of a rare deal on our USA-made pole mounts, built to last a lifetime and help generate renewable energy.

Take an additional 10% off your price until December 1st
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Wishing you all a Happy Holiday! Our office will be closed on Thursday, November 23rd.


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Today, we celebrate the successful installation of the third expansive solar array at the Lodge at Jackson Meadows!

Our dedicated team of six worked night-and-day to ensure that we beat winter conditions.

We have created a cutting-edge battery bank, fortified by 64 battlebornbatteries GC3s! 🤯🤯🤯

This battery bank offers an impressive 10-day continuous power reserve.

We have 24 recsolar panels per array across THREE installations!

We have meticulously engineered these arrays to harness optimal solar potential.

Remarkably, a mere 9-hours of sunlight will fully charge the battery bank, a testament to mtsolarmounts technology.

Remember to get out there and stay out there with fivestarnomadic and battlebornbatteries!

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Nearing completion on a completely off-grid project in Gods Country Wyoming. This amazing property is perfect for a Solar+Battery+Generator, creating its own micro grid which equals 100% Energy Independence. ...

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We are thrilled to introduce the latest addition to SEI`s campus in Paonia, Colorado: the brand-new 8-module pole mount. At MT Solar, we take immense pride in supporting SEI`s mission to educate, engage, and empower the upcoming generation of solar installers.

#mtsolarmounts @solar.energy.international #solarinstallers #groundmountsolar #polemounts #solarpower #energytransition

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We have the ground mount assembled for our off grid project located at Storm Mountain, Co. Great product that could not have been easier to assemble! If you know anyone looking to work with an off grid electrician in Colorado, send them our way. mtsolarmounts #solar #solarcolorado solar.energy.international ...

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A little Saturday work session. This was a solar pole mount upgrade. This particular one got a little more height and overall sturdiness.

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Happy to see your smiling faces and shake hands (or bump fists). Either way, we love to see you in person! Stop by Booth #2 and say hello to Garry.


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Excited to be back at RE+ Northeast, this Wednesday and Thursday. Let us know if you would like to meet in Boston. Send us a message or stop by Booth #2 in the Grand Ballroom.

#mtsolarmounts #replusne

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Happy New Year from all of us at MT Solar! We would like to thank you for choosing MT Solar for your projects and wish you success and happiness in the new year.

We are so grateful for all of our customers. This year we enjoyed meeting you at trade shows, speaking to you on the phone, and connecting on social media.

Hoping 2023 is a banner year for you, and looking forward to assisting with your solar installs.


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First array is up, secured in place, wired, and ready to deliver nearly 10kw of free power (thanks to recsolar and mtsolarmounts) to the 64 (yes, 64) dragonflyenergy GC3 batteries (totaling 207kwh of storage)…as soon as winter is over, the other two arrays will go up!

This system is massive, amazing, and something a lot of people just can’t wrap their heads around…if you want to power four normal residential homes, this is the system for you!

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Catching the last rays of sun in Pine, Idaho. Congratulations to Magic Solar @thesolarteam.208, winner of our photo of the month contest. This sweet array generates 4.62 kW and is paired with a Sol-Ark 5kw and Centennial AGM batteries. Magic Solar serves customers throughout Idaho offering installation, maintenance, and repair for homes, businesses and agriculture.

#mtsolarmounts #pvsolar #thesolarteam #ruggedsolar

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Wishing you all a happy autumn! This rugged Wyoming install was done by @creativeenergies. Just a reminder, MT Solar mounts are made in the USA with American steel. 🇺🇸
#ruggedsolar #remotesolar #mtsolarmounts #cesolar #madeinusa

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