Top of Pole Mounts

High Ground Clearance

Engineered for High Wind and Snow

Easy Tilt Adjust

Made in the USA with American Steel

Make your installs easier with
MT Solar’s Pole Mount Solution

Easier Assembly at Waist Level

No Cranes or Special Equipment

No Overhead Lifting

Safer Installs at Ground Level

Time-Saving Patented Hoist System

Cost Savings through Faster Installs

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What Customers Are Saying:

Love your pole mounts, easy to install. 3 under our belts so far, last one at a helicopter only site. I am just writing to say Kudos

Ed, Renewable Energy Systems, AK

I love the product, just sold 4 more!

Noah, You Power Solar, MA

We just finished up the 32 panel MT Solar ground mount in New Jersey that we purchased from AEE Solar. MT Solar has a great product and we would no doubt use this type of system in the future. Thanks again.

Joel, True Enterprises LLC, NJ

Please accept my commendations on the quality of workmanship and the great instruction manual you have put together.  I know I haven’t finished my install, but I can tell this is the best choice I could have made.

Steve Z, Homeowner, WA

I purchased this unit last summer, and installed in the fall.  I’ve been meaning to write and compliment Travis and MT Solar on the integrity of the mount and the design itself.  Went up easy, looks to be rock solid and should last a lifetime.  Great quality for the $$. Thanks for your help!

Brent K, Homeowner, Pincher Creek, AB

We installed a 6” top 6 system, and from start to finish the staff and products from MT Solar were excellent.  They were able to meet a reduced deadline and keep our job on schedule.  Thank you to the entire staff of MT Solar.”

Matt, Third Sun Solar, OH

You guys REALLY have a great thing going there with this TPM system! Pass on my good word and thanks for your help!

Ed, Renewable Energy Management, MT

Working with MT Solar has allowed me to provided a rock solid, cost effective solution to my customers. My customers have been thrilled with the end product and the customer service is top-notch.

Brett, BriteStreet (Distributor), Denver, CO

I will never buy another pole mount that is not made by MT Solar! 

Ed, Berlin Area Renewable Energy Initiative, NH

I am very glad I went with your system, working bottom to top is the only way to go.

Leo, Homeowner, MI

I could not be more impressed with MT Solar throughout the entire process. This array is an outstanding piece of engineering and manufacturing!

Andrew, Homeowner, SD

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Com a MT Solar, o seu investimento é garantia de uma vida mais econômica e sustentável.
Com projetos personalizados, temos a solução ideal para atender as suas necessidades!
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Não precisa ser ótimo em matemática pra saber que viver um vida comum sem uma placa solar em sua residência é jogar dinheiro no lixo, enriquecendo grandes empresas ao invés de estar colocando dinheiro no seu bolso☀️


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Maximize Your Potential with Ground-Mounted Solar! 🏡

Ground-Mounted Solar offers numerous benefits that make it an excellent choice for homeowners, including versatility, durability, and ease of maintenance!

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Feel like you`re trapped on a #HeatIsland? ☀️
According to the EPA, "Pavements with low solar reflectance absorb large amounts of heat and can be up to 70º F hotter in the sun than cooler alternatives."

Adding shade to parking spaces is a smart way to reduce this problem. The best part, #SolarCarports and Canopies effectively generate effective energy while keeping pavement cool! 💨

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Explore Agrivoltaics 🌱 This cutting-edge technology boosts land productivity by 160% while conserving crucial resources by reducing water evaporation, essential for crop cultivation 🌾

Learn more about the dual benefits of using land for both agriculture and solar energy generation with our comprehensive guide!

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Take a look at this fantastic installation featuring MT Solar Pole Mounts! We`re excited to be part of this project installed by @EnergyDesignCo ☀️🪴

This system fulfills the entire energy needs of a nearby home, ensuring their energy independence. By producing their own energy, the household minimizes dependence on external power sources!

📍 Eugene, OR

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Happy 4th of July from all of us at MT Solar! Wishing you a day filled with celebration. Here`s to a bright and independent future! 🇺🇸🎊

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Celebrate Independence Day with an Energy Independence Sale! Take a step towards energy independence with this special discount on Pole Mounts 🇺🇸

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When you #RaiseYourArrays, you can often bypass requirements for fences and other barriers. Higher #SolarGroundClearance will not only enable you to keep your mount`s location safely accessible and useable, it reduces the overall cost of the #SolarPowerInstallation and upkeep requirements.

Learn more at

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A few extra PV modules can go a long way for #SolarEnergyOutput. When you #DesignYourOwnSolarMount using our AutoDesigner, you can see how an additional row or column in your Solar Array will impact your #PowerGeneration potential. It`s a quick and easy way to see your options and get the best ROI from your project.

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Thank you for your fantastic feedback on our MT Solar pole mounts! We`re thrilled to hear that our product has made such a positive impact on your installations and time-savings. 💪

Experience the ease and reliability of MT Solar pole mounts for yourself. Visit us at to learn more.

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Just remembered I needed to post this photo of the cabin @ 9800’ elevation in Albany, WY. Client sent me this 2 months ago, that is 6’ of snow to the bottom of the array. 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 ...

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