What does MT Solar sell?2020-04-25T20:43:53-06:00

MT Solar provides solar array mounting solutions. We design, test, and manufacture industry distinctive pole mounts and ground mounts. The pole mount can support 1-20 modules on one pole or be connected in a multipole to support as many modules as required. Our ground mount is a cost effective module mounting solution installed on beam posts and can support arrays with 4 or more modules. All of our products are backed by exceptional customer service and technical support.

What solar module types fit MTSolar mounts?2020-04-25T20:45:54-06:00

MT Solar mounts fit 60 C, 96 C, and 72 C modules, but ultimately any module can work! Our products are configurable, so we can support most industry modules.

How are products named?2020-05-16T21:52:36-06:00

You can find our product nomenclature sheet here.

Why are MT Solar Pole Mounts the industry’s preferred pole mounting solution?2020-04-25T20:50:23-06:00


MTSolar pole mounts are designed to be hoisted during installation. That means the majority of the installation work (assembly and wiring) is done at a comfortable level and the entire array is hoisted for final installation. This greatly increases your team’s safety and installation efficiency. Our pole mounts also have a tilt adjuster, that can easily be rotated to vary your array’s tilt angle from 5-90°. Both of these features are patented by us, so they are features you will not find anywhere else!

What are the available array configurations?2020-04-25T21:02:35-06:00

Modules on our pole mounts are configured in landscape. The quantity of modules across can vary depending on the total quantity of panels required. For arrays with more than 9 panels, we provide arrays of 4 or 5 (Tall) modules high. All of our mounts can be made to have only 3 panels high, just reach out to us for that custom option.

What is the MTSolar Pole Mount- multipole?2020-04-25T21:04:20-06:00

Multiple Poles connected in a series to mount arrays larger than 20, 60C modules.The spacing on our multipole mounts varies based on the size of the array.

What is my mount’s multipole spacing?2020-05-16T21:59:16-06:00

You can find the spacing diagram you need here. We can also create a custom mount with specific pole spacing to meet your project requirements.

What type of pole is my mount installed on?2020-04-25T21:08:14-06:00

Our larger mounts (6+ modules) are designed to be installed on 6”, 8”, or 10” NPS steel pipes with Schedule 40 or 80. The National Pipe Standard requires the outer diameters of these pipes are 6.625”, 8.625”, and 10.75” respectively. The pipe schedule varies the gauge or thickness of the pipe. You can use the project calculator to determine what is required for your array using specific site inputs.

What is the Beam Series, Angle Series, Blade series, and 2” Series?2020-04-25T21:52:42-06:00

Each of these series represents a unique, hoistable mount design that is designed to support a certain number of modules. The beam series is our traditional TOP mount that is well known in the industry. It has a robust frame that can be used to support 6-20+ modules. Our Angle series is a lighter duty frame that can support 4-8 modules on a 6” or 4” pole. Our Blade series supports 1-3 modules on a 4” pole. Our 2” series supports 1 module on a 2” pole.

How do I determine what mount duty (Standard, Heavy Duty, Extra Heavy Duty) and what size mounting pole/post I need?2020-04-27T15:37:57-06:00

Refer to our product calculator and enter in your site conditions.

How/why do I register to be an installer?2020-05-16T21:56:13-06:00

You can register to be an installer here! You should do so to get project savings and additional project assistance. We love to get to know you!

What customer support does MT Solar offer after purchase?2020-04-27T15:39:29-06:00

Purchasing a mount directly from us offers installation, shipping, and warranty support after your mount leaves our shop. We believe in our product and want to help you through any questions or issues you may face.

Does MT Solar have a warranty?2021-04-13T11:31:07-06:00

Yes! Our products are backed by a 10 year warranty.

If you experience an issues with one of our products, please fill out the Support Form to get assistance.

How do I get a quote?2020-04-27T16:35:19-06:00

The fastest way to get a quote is to fill out the design calculator to know exactly what mount you need to order.

From there, you can proceed to checkout to get your quote or contact the sales team for assistance with your order.

Can I order my mount online?2020-05-02T22:37:20-06:00

Absolutely- online ordering is easy! Our design team reviews your order before it heads to manufacture to ensure everything is accurate and will reach out to you if necessary. We are always here to guide you through the process too!

What are my options for payment?2020-05-02T22:38:24-06:00

We accept all major credit cards or ACH payments at the time of order. For subsequent orders a credit application can be submitted to set up terms.

How can I get a stamped engineering drawing and/or calculation packet for my project? Is it available for my location? How long will it take?2020-05-16T21:55:08-06:00

Fill out the project form here. Complete this form in its entirety and make your payment. Stamped engineering drawings take about 5 days to complete and we can stamp all 50 US states, all Canadian Provinces, and US territories. By reaching out to your local building jurisdiction, you can determine if you will need just a stamped drawing or the stamped drawing and calcs to meet the permitting requirements.

Are rails included in my purchase?2020-05-02T22:42:20-06:00

That is up to you! Our Top of Pole mounts are available with or without rail kits. We can bundle the rail kit with the mount and ship the package complete from our warehouse, or you can supply any rail manufactured to meet the span for your specific project. Our Ground Mounts automatically come with the correct rail lengths and components supplied by MT Solar.

What order add-ons are available?2020-05-02T22:43:14-06:00

Chain hoists, custom coating colors, galvanized parts, and MT Solar swag.

Do you support custom projects?2020-05-16T21:44:03-06:00

We do! Reach out to us via phone (844-687-6527) or email to describe your specific project needs, and we can develop a design that will work for you for an additional cost.

What type of Terrain / Area is best for a MT Solar Pole Mount or Ground Mount?2020-05-02T22:45:14-06:00

Any! With multiple foundation options and many available configurations, MT Solar mounts have been installed in uneven, snowy, rocky, windy, and sandy terrain.

What type of protective coating do your mounts have?2020-05-02T22:46:14-06:00

MT Solar mounts use an industrial baked enamel finish that is applied with an electrostatic gun and baked at 180° F. Standard mounts are supplied with a dark grey coating. We do offer custom paint colors or galvanizing for an extra fee. It is $500/pole or $250/ground mount post.

Where do you ship?2020-05-02T22:47:17-06:00

We ship to anywhere in the US and Canada. If you need a mount shipped elsewhere, we can assist you in organizing your own freight and ship to the closest US port.

What company will my mount ship on?2020-05-02T22:47:50-06:00

All of our shipments are fully insured and ship on the most cost and time effective option. If you have a shipping carrier you prefer, you can select this option when ordering.

What if I need a lift gate, call ahead, or special shipping instructions?2020-05-02T22:49:41-06:00

You can request lift gate service at checkout. For other shipping instructions, please contact a sales representative.

What is the shipping transit time for my order?2020-05-02T22:50:21-06:00

All of our shipments leave Charlo, MT, so depending on where the shipment is headed, it can take 2-6 days. Shipments sent to Canada usually take a little longer due to customs.

How difficult is it to install an MT Solar Mount?2020-05-02T22:51:37-06:00

MT Solar mounts are designed with the installer in mind, making the process simple and straightforward. We offer support to help you through the process. We provide clear, user friendly installation manuals to guide you and are always ready to help you over the phone.

Where are the installation manuals?2020-05-16T21:53:29-06:00

All of our manuals can be found here.

Do I need to have a lift or crane to get the array set?2020-05-02T22:55:22-06:00

Hoisting your array is done with a standard chain hoist that is connected to our lifting bracket inserted in the top of the pole.

How difficult is it to adjust the tilt on a Multipole System?2020-05-02T22:56:17-06:00

No more ladders, ropes, or life insurance policies! We have designed our screw adjuster to be both easy and fast to adjust the tilt from ground level with minimal effort. On multi-pole projects, if you are doing it by yourself, we recommend adjusting each pole in approximately 5° increments. Obviously one person per pole works too, but it is not required for adjustment.

How can I get a foundation estimate?2020-05-03T21:31:42-06:00

You can go onto the project calculator to immediately get a foundation estimate for concrete embedment. For other foundation types, you will need to fill out the project form and our engineering department can estimate the foundation you’ll need for your project.

Lost Password / Login Issues2020-07-13T11:46:47-06:00

You can reset your password on the “My Account” page. Click on “Lost Your Password” in the login area. Enter your email or username and a password reset link with be emailed to you.


What is MT Solar’s Return / Refund Policy?2021-11-24T13:02:31-07:00

Please keep in mind that all MT Solar mounts are made-to-order specifically for the site and project.

We understand that sometimes things change in unexpected ways. If you need to return a product this is our policy:

  • No changes are allowed after a mount enters production.
  • A 25% restocking fee applies to all returns.