Frequently Asked Questions2024-04-23T11:46:16-06:00

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to set poles in concrete?2024-05-21T12:14:00-06:00

This video will show you tips and techniques for setting poles in concrete. You’ll learn the best ways to dig holes, lay your foundation, and set steel poles in place. It will also tell you what to keep in mind for your site layout, how to account for lateral forces affecting a mount, and more.

Tips and tricks in this video include:

  • How to determine pole spacing in a multi-pole mount
  • Using naturally compacted soil to ensure strength and stability against lateral/sideways forces
  • Leveling multiple foundations
  • Using a chain and binder method to lift poles
  • Ensuring better control and grip when attaching a pole to an excavator
  • Centering and stabilizing pipes before pouring concrete
  • Getting north-to-south and east-to-west spacing right
  • Introducing the conduit so it doesn’t interfere with the pole cap
  • How your AHJ affect your grounding and engineering recommendations for rebar
  • Concrete pouring and keeping the pole unfilled


What if I need a liftgate, call-ahead, or other special shipping instructions?2024-05-21T14:25:41-06:00

You can request a liftgate service during the checkout process. If you have other shipping requirements or special requests, please contact a member of our sales team.

How long will my shipment take?2024-03-28T13:17:01-06:00

All MT Solar mounts ship from Charlo, Montana. Depending on your mount’s delivery location, transit time typically takes 2 to 6 business days. Shipments to Canada may require additional time for customs clearance.

Is it easy to install an MT Solar mount?2024-05-21T09:10:59-06:00

The MT Solar mount installation process is simple and straightforward. We designed our mounts with installers in mind and created a method that’s safer and more efficient than climbing on roofs.

Our user-friendly installation manuals guide you through the process step-by-step.

We’re also here to offer direct support. Whether it’s your first time installing a ground mount or you’re dealing with an especially tricky project, call us whenever you need assistance: 1-844-687-6527.

Where do I find the installation manuals?2024-05-21T09:16:52-06:00

All of MT Solar’s install guides and manuals are available on our Install Guides page. You can also find discontinued manuals and videos that demonstrate the installation process.

Do I need a lift or crane to set the array in place?2024-05-21T09:04:11-06:00

All you need to set the array in place is a chain hoist and lift bracket. The hoist is connected to the lift bracket, which is inserted in the top of the pole. These tools make it possible to raise the array to the top of the pole. No lifts or cranes needed!

Is it easy to adjust the tilt on a multi-pole system?2024-05-21T09:20:33-06:00

Multi-pole tilt adjustment is fast and easy thanks to the manual tilt adjuster. With a simple turning action, you can change the tilt of the mount while standing on the ground–no ladders, ropes, or life insurance policies needed!

The manually operated tracking on our mounts also eliminates the need for automated solar trackers.

If you need to adjust a multi-pole mount by yourself, crank each pole’s adjuster handle incrementally until the optimal tilt is achieved across the system.

As shown in this video, the process is a little faster when there’s one person per pole, but this isn’t required.

How do I get a foundation estimate?2024-05-21T09:40:24-06:00

Complimentary foundation recommendations for concrete embedment are included with your mount’s calculation packet, which you can use to get estimates for cement.

Cement requirements for your project will depend on the depth and shape of the mount’s foundation and whether the mount is a multi-pole design. Standard foundation shapes for our mount are 48” square and 36” round.

The dimensions and shape of your mount’s foundation(s) are determined by design and location data input into the Solar Mount Autodesigner.

What if I lost my password or I can’t log in to my account?2024-05-21T13:44:11-06:00

If you’ve lost your MT Solar account password, you can create a new one by visiting the My Account page.

Click on the “Lost Your Password” link in the login area. Enter your username or the email associated with your MT Solar account.

Then, check your inbox. You will receive an email with a link that will enable you to create a new password.

Watch the video below to learn how to complete this process.


What is MT Solar’s return/refund policy if I need to change or cancel my project?2024-05-21T13:33:16-06:00

As all of our mounts are made-to-order, we cannot accept any changes once a mount moves from the design stage to the manufacturing process.

If you need to return an MT Solar product, a 25% restocking fee will be applied.

How do pivot pipes and pole spacing adjustments work?2024-05-21T09:54:43-06:00

This short video from our Pro Tip series shows you how to adjust for pole spacing by using the pivot pipes. You’ll learn when to tighten the pivot lock collars and how you can make spacing adjustments on multi-pole projects.

What shipping company or carrier will ship my mount?2024-05-21T14:21:21-06:00

FedEx Freight is the primary shipping method for our mounts. If you would like to make other shipping arrangements, please contact our sales team.

Do I need a chain hoist and lift bracket to install an MT Solar mount?2024-05-21T12:21:08-06:00

You will need a chain hoist and lift bracket for each pole of your mount. These tools are required for installation but they are not a permanent part of the mount. Once the installation is complete, both the chain hoist and lift bracket can be reused for future installs.

Watch this video to learn more about the lift bracket and chain hoist and how they work together.

What happens if my poles aren’t leveled or spaced perfectly?2024-05-21T12:41:44-06:00

If you’ve set your poles in concrete and you find that they aren’t vertically aligned or spaced perfectly, don’t worry.

Slight misalignments are common and we’ve accounted for them in our design. Our mounts have a built-in variance factor of 3 to 4 inches for vertical spacing and 1 foot for pole spacing. Small imperfections like these won’t impact your installation, and without a laser level, no one will notice! 

If the misalignment exceeds the above allowances or you’re concerned it will lead to bigger problems moving forward, call us at 1-844-687-6527.

Through our years of experience, we’ve developed methods and fixes for all types of unexpected situations. We’re here to help when things don’t go as planned!

How many PV modules can I add to an MT Solar mount?2024-05-21T13:19:34-06:00

A single-pole MT Solar mount can support as many as 10 to 25 PV modules, depending on the module’s dimensions. Multi-pole mounts can support more modules and can be designed with as many as five poles.

How does electrical grounding work with MT Solar mounts?2024-05-21T12:48:28-06:00
grounding lug for tamarack rails

Grounding Lug

We provide all of the parts needed to bond the array in preparation for the equipment grounding process. These parts include Tamarack module clamps, which facilitate more effective bonding by penetrating the PV module’s coating while also connecting it to the rail. One grounding lug is included for each column. These parts are used to bond the mount’s rails to the ground conductor.

While all bonding components are included with your mount, an electrician is needed to complete the grounding process. Depending on your qualifications, you may need to contract with a professional for wiring/grounding services.

What if I need a custom foundation for my mount?2024-05-21T12:54:30-06:00

If you need a custom foundation to support and fix your mount’s pole(s) to the ground or base structure, you will need to work with an engineer. Your mount’s calculation packet will show the load forces your engineer will need to design a custom foundation.

I finished designing my solar mount but when should I buy it?2024-05-21T14:31:28-06:00

We recommend securing any permits you need for your project before you buy your mount. If you need a stamped engineering drawing to submit to your AHJ, we can help you get a PE stamp on your solar mount design.

When your mount specifics are finalized and you’ve selected the add-ons you’ll need for installation, you can submit your order for manufacturing. If you’ve created a Project List, you can use it to populate your shopping cart for a faster checkout process.

Please note that once you’ve made your purchase and we start manufacturing your mount, we cannot accept any changes or cancelations. A 25% restocking fee will be applied if you need to return an MT Solar product.

Which add-ons do I need and how many?2024-05-21T14:16:21-06:00

A chain hoist and a lift bracket with a safety chain are needed for every pole on an MT Solar mount. If you don’t have these components from previous installations or you don’t have them in the correct quantity for your current project, you’ll need to include them as add-ons. Learn more about the lift bracket and chain hoist and how they factor into the installation process.

One micro-inverter adapter is needed for every inverter, optimizer, or automatic shutdown device that’ll be incorporated into the mount’s rails as part of the equipment bonding and grounding process.

We offer other add-ons that are optional but helpful, including wire management clips that keep the wiring process tidy and tilt angle indicators that make it easy to confirm and adjust the mount’s angle.

Should I secure a permit before I purchase my mount?2024-05-21T14:28:10-06:00

It’s best to secure any necessary permits before you order your mount.

If you need a stamped engineering drawing for your permit documentation, we can help. 

After designing the mount and saving it to your project list, choose stamped engineering drawing with calculations from the Planning menu. You’ll need the URL for your mount’s project page, which you find by viewing your project list from your account dashboard and selecting your mount.

Enter the product page URL into the Link to Product/Mount field and select add-to-cart.

Complete your purchase and we’ll coordinate with a professional engineering firm in your project’s state, territory, or province to get a stamp on your engineering drawing and calculations.

After your AHJ grants your permit, you can go ahead and buy your mount and all add-ons on your project list.

Who do I talk to if I need a custom project?2024-07-09T08:46:55-06:00

If you want to create a solar mount for a custom project or dual-use application, like a carport or solar canopy, we can help you with the design process.

You can send us a project-specific design request for carports and solar canopies and agrivoltaic projects, or use the design and estimate assistance form to get in touch with our design team.

If your project requires a foundation that differs from our standard design, you may need to consult with an engineering firm.

How do I get a quote on an MT Solar mount?2024-05-21T14:02:07-06:00

After designing a mount with our AutoDesigner and getting a utilization rating, you’ll be able to get an instant quote on your mount design.

You can also get a quote by sending us your details through our Design and Estimate Assistance form. We’ll use your specifications to determine the right mount for your project. We’ll email you a quote and connect you with our sales team, who will answer any questions and guide you through the next steps.

What type of PV modules work with MT Solar’s mounts?2024-05-21T13:10:38-06:00

Our mounts work with PV modules of virtually any size and designs can be configured to work with most industry-standard solar PV modules.

What makes MT Solar pole mounts different from other solar mounts?2024-05-21T14:34:26-06:00

MT Solar pole mounts are unique from other types of ground-based solar mounts for a lot of reasons, but the two that stand out the most are the hoist and tilt.

Hoist – Our pole mounts are hoisted during the installation process. That means the assembly, wiring, and all other installation work is completed just a few feet off the ground. The solar array can be safely and comfortably assembled at waist height. No ladders, harnesses, or any special safety equipment are needed to set the PV modules in place. Once the array is ready for installation, it’s lifted to the top of the pole with a chain hoist and lift bracket.

Tilt – After your MT Solar mount is installed, achieving an optimal tilt is no problem. Our pole mounts include a manual tilt adjuster. With a simple cranking motion, you can position the array’s tilt at any angle between 5° and 90°. This means you can make adjustments for optimal sun exposure from season to season and also accommodate for cleaning and upkeep, severe weather, and activities on the ground.

These product features are both patented and unique to MT Solar’s pole mounts. You won’t find them with any other ground-based solar mount!

What are the available configurations for a solar array?2024-05-21T14:38:57-06:00

PV modules on MT Solar mounts are configured in landscape orientation, across a horizontal, I-beam frame. The quantity of solar PV modules is an important factor in determining the configuration of the solar array, but there are multiple layout possibilities.

We can build mounts with columns that are as narrow as three PV modules. Arrays of 10 or more PV modules can be arranged in rows of four or five. Depending on the dimensions of the PV module, a single-pole mount can support as many as 10 to 25 PV modules in various array configurations.

If you need a custom configuration or you want to learn more about creating a design that’s optimal for energy production and aesthetic requirements, just let us know!

What are multi-pole solar mounts and when are they used?2024-05-21T14:42:37-06:00

Multi-pole solar mounts will use two or more poles to support solar arrays consisting of 15 or more solar PV modules, depending on the module’s dimensions. The size of the array is the main factor in determining the spacing between each pole. As many as five poles can be used in a multi-pole mount design.

How can I tell my mount’s pole spacing?2024-05-21T14:45:31-06:00

There are a few ways to identify the pole spacing needed for your project.

1. Visit the Product page for your mount. Pole spacing requirements will be specified in the “Description” section or the “Additional Information” section.

2. Check the construction drawing that’s included with your mount. You’ll find the pole spacing measurement on the mount diagram.

3. Check your product’s SKU code. The first portion of the SKU will indicate the quality or number of poles in your mount, followed by a dash/hyphen, and the spacing between each pole in feet. The image below shows how you can identify key information about your mount using its SKU code.

SKU code explained for MT Solar pole mounts

What type of pole is needed to support a mount?2024-05-21T14:49:29-06:00

Mounts for 6 or more solar PV modules are designed to be installed on 6”, 8”, or 10” NPS (nominal pipe size) steel pipes in Schedule 40 or 80.

Per the American National Pipe Standard, the outer diameters of the pipes must be 6.625”, 8.625”, and 10.75”, respectively.

The pipe schedule (SCH) determines the gauge or thickness of the pipe’s wall. In general, our mount designs will specify the most economical pipe size needed to support the array based on your site requirements.

How can I determine the right mount duty (standard, heavy, extra-heavy) and pole/post mounting size for my project?2024-05-21T13:52:45-06:00

Our Solar Mount Autodesigner will help you identify the right pole/post mounting size for your project and determine whether you need a standard-duty, heavy-duty, or extra-heavy-duty mount.

Just enter your installation site specifics. Our design tool will use that information and the wind and snow loads for your project location to identify the most appropriate pole mounting and duty classification.

You can also send us your project specifics using our Design and Estimate Assistance form.

MT Solar's autodesigner is an online app that runs engineering checks
Will MT Solar continue to provide customer support after I make a purchase?2024-05-21T13:46:47-06:00

When you purchase from MT Solar, you’ll have our support throughout the shipping and installation process. Even after your project is complete, we offer a 10-year warranty on all of our products.

We stand behind our solutions and believe in giving our customers the best possible experience. We’re here to help, answer questions, and provide guidance whenever you need it.

Do MT Solar products come with a warranty?2024-05-21T13:57:33-06:00

All of our products are backed by a 10-year warranty.

If you come across an issue with any of our products and need assistance, please send us your details using our Product Support form.

What does MT Solar sell?2024-05-21T13:22:49-06:00

MT Solar sells solar array mounting solutions. We’ve made it easy to design and install ground-based solar mounts that adapt to all types of land requirements and power generation needs.

We design, test, and manufacture made-to-order, industry-leading pole mounts that and safe and easy to install. In addition to our proven mounting solutions, we offer exceptional customer service and technical support.

Can I order my mount online?2024-05-21T14:04:12-06:00

Yes, you can easily order your MT Solar mount online. Once you place your order, our design team will review your mount specifications and ensure it’s ready to be manufactured. If needed, we’ll reach out to you to go over the details.

What payment methods does MT Solar accept?2024-05-21T14:06:59-06:00

MT Solar accepts all major credit cards, ACH payments, and checks by mail.

How do I get a stamped engineering drawing and/or calculation packet for my project?2024-05-21T14:09:30-06:00

We can help you coordinate with a professional engineering (PE) firm to get a stamped engineering drawing and/or a calculation packet if needed for permitting requirements.

We can assist with this process in all 50 U.S. states.

To get a PE stamp on your mount’s design, add Stamped Engineering Drawing with Calculations to your cart after including the URL of your mount’s product page in the “Link to Product/Mount” field.

Consult with your local building jurisdiction or other authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ) in your area to find out what information they require.

Are rails included with MT Solar mounts?2024-05-21T14:12:22-06:00

MT Solar mounts include Tamarack 3.1 Heavy Duty rail kits. These rails are bundled with your mount and will ship from our warehouse as a complete package. 

If you prefer to use a different rail kit, please contact our sales team. They’ll help you determine if your preferred rails are compatible with your mount design and project requirements.

What do I need to complete a pole mount installation?2024-05-21T14:14:41-06:00

To complete a pole mount installation, there are three main components that are separate from your MT Solar mount. Some of these will need to be sourced locally and some are available as add-ons that can be purchased separately or in addition to your mount.

  1. Steel Pole – Poles can be sourced from steel recyclers, well drillers, and other suppliers. If your project is a multi-pole design, you will need to source the appropriate quantity of poles.
  2. Lift Bracket – A lift bracket is needed to secure the chain hoist to your pole mount. You will need one lift bracket for each pole in your mount design. Once the installation is complete, the lift bracket is removed from the mount and can be used for future projects.
  3. Chain Hoist – A chain hoist is needed to raise the mount to the top of the pole. It is paired with the lift bracket to complete this part of the process. You will need one chain hoist for each pole in your mount design. Also like the lift bracket, the hoist is not a permanent part of the mount and can be reused for future projects.
Do you support custom projects?2024-05-21T13:42:09-06:00

Yes, we will gladly work with you to develop a custom mount design or solution for an additional cost. Use our contact form, email us, or call 1-844-687-6527 to tell us about your specific project needs. We’ll discuss what’s possible and provide a quote.

What type of terrain/area is best for an MT Solar ground mount?2024-05-21T13:35:56-06:00

MT Solar mounts work on all types of terrain.

Thanks to multiple foundation options and customizable configurations, our mounts have been installed on terrain that poses unique obstacles, including uneven and sloped ground, in heavily forested, rocky, and sandy areas, and areas prone to high winds, heavy snow, and other challenging conditions.

What type of protective coating is used on MT Solar’s mounts?2024-05-21T13:39:22-06:00

MT Solar mounts are coated with an industrial-quality, baked enamel finish that offers excellent endurance. The coating process starts with a primer that ensures thorough coverage. After being applied with an electrostatic gun, the coating is cured at 180° F. Dark gray coating comes standard on our mounts, but we can provide custom colors or galvanizing for an additional cost.

Where and how does MT Solar ship its products?2024-05-21T14:18:57-06:00

MT Solar mounts can be shipped throughout the U.S. and Canada via freight. If you need a mount shipped elsewhere in the world, we can assist you in organizing freight services that deliver to your location.