What We Do

MT Solar designs, manufactures and delivers a one-of-a-kind solar energy solution.

Our top-of-pole, ground-based solar mounts open up countless possibilities for installers and industry professionals, and many other people who want sustainable energy independence.

Throughout North America and beyond, our structures are used on public, commercial, agricultural, and residential properties to create more energy generation resources without compromising land usability and environmental preservation.

Most of our customers find us because of our unique products and their efficient, safe, and accessible installation methods. They choose to work with us because we offer support and guidance that reflects how much we care about what we do and who we serve.

Besides designing and building solar ground mounts that are 100% made in the USA, we’re proud to be a manufacturer that you can consult with and rely on.

We partner with you from concept to completion and beyond. We strive to make the process as accessible as possible so that you’re driving your project. But, we’re also here to help you feel confident and supported.

Delivering a personal experience along with an excellent solution is second nature to us. We’ve been there, on the ground, for easy and complex projects, adapting as much as innovating. We’re passionate about helping more people do the same.

Let’s walk through the process of what we provide, what you get as an MT Solar customer, and how you can realize your solar installation and energy generation goals.

What’s Included with an MT Solar Mount?

Here’s a quick look at what’s included with every MT Solar ground mount and what you’ll need to purchase and prepare separately to complete your installation.

Included with Every MT Solar Mount Sold Separately as MT Solar Add-ons Separate Equipment or Service Needed for Installation
Steel Frame Location-Specific Stamped Engineering Drawing PV Modules
Tamarack Rail Kit Chain Hoist(s) Steel Pole(s)
Module Clamps Lift Bracket(s) With Safety Chain(s) Concrete/Foundation Material
Bonding Components Micro-Inverter Adaptors Excavator for Foundation and Pole Setting
Installation Hardware & Manuals Optional but Helpful Add-ons: Wire Management Clips, Tilt Angle Indicator Electrician for Bonding Assembly and Grounding

MT Solar Mount Planning and Installation Checklist

Use this checklist as you move through the process of designing, planning, and preparing for the installation of your project. Remember, if you need assistance with any of these steps, you can always contact us with questions. We’re glad to provide guidance throughout all stages in this process.

Project Checklist
Decide your project specifics including PV module dimensions and quantity, mount location, etc.
Design your mount using our Solar Mount AutoDesigner or by working with our design team.
Finalize your design and get a quote.
Acquire your PV Modules. Your mount design is based on module dimensions. We recommend acquiring them as early as is feasible.
Find out if your project requires a permit. If so, add professional engineering services to your order and get a stamped PE drawing to get AHJ approval.
Purchase your mount, chain hoist(s), lift bracket(s), and micro-inverter adaptor(s) from MT Solar.
Identify a local steel pole supplier and purchase a pole that meets the specifications in your engineering drawing. Multiple poles are needed for mounts with multi-pole designs.
Prepare for foundation excavation and pipe setting. This will require concrete mixing and pouring and excavator operation/services.
Prepare for mount assembly by gathering all necessary tools and equipment.
Assemble your array on the ground at waist level. Finish wiring connections.
Hoist to the final height using our patented chain hoist system.
Admire your work. Let us know how it went!