Installing and assembling an MT Solar ground mount can be done without cranes or lifts, and at a comfortable, safe height—just a few feet off the ground. This is possible because our system utilizes a chain hoist and lift bracket to raise the mount.
Chain hoists and lift brackets are essential to an MT Solar mount installation. They’re needed for the assembly process but they’re sold separately, are not a permanent part of the mount, and can be reused.
Let’s take a closer look at these components and your options for sourcing them before you install your solar mount.
two ton chain hoist holding solar pole mount

What is a Chain Hoist?

A chain hoist is used to raise the mount. It smoothly and safely lifts the frame, rails, and array for assembly and finally sets the mount in position at the top of the pole.

Chain hoists do a lot of the heavy lifting. As a pulley system, they enable one person to hoist thousands of pounds of weight and control the mount’s position throughout the process.

We offer three types of chain hoists, including a basic option for standard needs and contractor-grade option with a greater lifting capacity.

If you’re unsure which is best for your project or which is the better investment for installing multiple mounts, feel free to ask us for personalized recommendations.

solar installer placing lifting bracket in top of steel pole

What is a Lift Bracket?

A lift bracket provides a strong and sturdy connection point for the chain hoist and the safety chain.

The lower portion of the bracket is held at the top of the pole with a lifting insert. Once it’s set in place, it serves as an anchor for the chain hoist and safety chain, which lifts and guides the mount’s U-bracket.

Lift brackets and safety chains are sold together. They work with all MT Solar mount designs and are compatible with 6”, 8”, and 10” pole caps.

How Many Chain Hoists and Lift Brackets Will You Need?

One chain hoist and one lift bracket are needed for each pole in the mount’s design. That means a single pole mount design needs just one chain hoist and one lift bracket. The same rule applies to multi-pole mounts. For example, if a mount has three poles, then three chain hoists and three lift brackets are required.

Since the chain hoist and lift brackets are assembly components, they can be reused. If your project consists of multiple mounts, you can assemble each one using the same chain hoists and lift brackets. If you install a mount at a different location or at a later time, you can use the same chain hoist and lift bracket on that future project.

Why Aren’t Chain Hoists and Lift Brackets Included With a Ground Mount?

Chain hoists and lift brackets are both required to install an MT Solar ground mount, but they’re not included with the mount.

This is not to give you an added step or extra expenses when preparing to install your ground mount. Rather, selling these components as add-ons accommodates a range of installation requirements and potential cost savings.

  • You might need a chain hoist and lift bracket just one time for one installation.
  • You might need one or two chain hoists and lift brackets that you’ll use on multiple projects, and therefore, they won’t need to be packaged with every mount.
  • You might be able to move from mount to mount in a single installation, reusing the chain hoist and lift bracket.
  • You might want to purchase additional chain hoists and lift brackets if your current project is larger or more complex than those you’ve installed in the past.
  • Depending on your mount’s weight and size, your installation methods, and other project requirements, you might need a basic, contractor-grade, or US-made chain hoist.

Renting a Hoisting Kit

When it’s time to install your mount, you’ll want your chain hoists and lift brackets on site and at the ready.

But, maybe you don’t want to invest in these components, or you’d rather only have them on hand on a per-project basis, or you temporarily need an extra kit for a multi-pole design. In these cases, renting a hoisting kit can be a better option.

Our complete hoisting kit includes one contractor-grade chain hoist, one lift bracket, and one safety chain. For multi-pole designs, multiple kits can be rented at once.

We’ll ship your rented hoisting kit(s) to your delivery destination along with your mount.