Engineered Stamped Drawings

Get your project ready for permitting with a PE’s approval

engineered stamped construction drawing for solar
Stamped drawings are available in all 50 states using our standard 48″ x 48″ concrete foundation.

How it works:

  1. Get a design and quote created using the AutoDesigner or Design Assistance Form.
  2. Submit your request for engineering below and reference your mount (product page).
  3. Wait to purchase your mount until the engineering service is completed.

We will work (on your behalf) with an engineering firm to get the necessary calculations and stamps for your permit process. This service has been streamlined based on the standard foundation recommendation (48″x48″) that comes from our pre-engineering software (AutoDesigner). For custom foundations, you may need to work with your PE to get the necessary approval. Please contact us for further guidance on this.

Please Note: If changes are made after the process begins, there will be a revision charge.