Installer’s Stories

Read the reviews and first hand accounts from solar installers working with MT Solar racking solutions.

Sandbox Solar – Fort Collins, CO

Sandbox Solar - Fort Collins, CO Agrivoltaics Research with Colorado State University Food, energy, and water are three resources in high demand by people on our planet. Agrivoltaics is a concept that aims to optimize the production and demand of these precious resources. In the semi-arid climate of Colorado, Sandbox Solar and Colorado State University collaborate on an agrivoltaics project that researches solutions to food, energy, and water demands. By combining MT Solar Pole Mounts with crops [...]


Onsite Energy – Bozeman, MT

Onsite Energy - Bozeman, MT Three Forks Multi-Pole Solar Array written by Dianna Manetta, MREA When Leandra Hill of Three Forks, Montana, decided to install a solar energy system on her property – a former dairy farm – she discovered that her rooftop was just not appropriate for solar due to shading by large trees. Luckily, she learned, there was an alternative: a pole-mounted solar array. Ms. Hill’s recently-completed 15 kilowatt pole-mounted solar array is expected to provide 100% [...]


Harvest Solar – Bozeman, MT

Harvest Solar - Bozeman, MT Klamert Multi-Pole Project written by Kyle The owners of these systems contacted me over a year ago looking for a small off-grid system for their geodesic green house. After meeting with the prospective clients, we started talking about net metering and how it could benefit them and eliminate the need for an off-grid system. Upon further discussion we determined that one of the sites would qualify for a rural energy development grant through the [...]


True South Solar – Ashland, OR

True South Solar - Ashland, OR Buckhorn Springs Single Pole Mounts written by Ry Heller The history of southern Oregon’s Buckhorn Springs dates back to the late 1800s when James Clarke Tolman built a resort to take advantage of the site’s mineral water and carbon dioxide springs, which many believed had curative properties. Buckhorn Springs’s current owners, Bruce and Leslie Sargent, purchased the run-down resort in 1987 and embarked on a life-long family effort to restore the historic [...]


Buffalo Solar Solutions – Buffalo, NY

Buffalo Solar Solutions - Buffalo, NY What Buffalo Solar Solutions in Buffalo, NY had to say about our solar pole mounts:"MT Solar makes pole mount installations a breeze!  To show you just how quickly and easily they go together, we made a video of the installation: traditional pole mounts, depending on the height of poles needed, it almost always has to be assembled on top of the pole using big ladders. This could be unsafe and very time consuming. [...]


Andrew Smith – South Dakota

Andrew Smith - South Dakota Homeowner Andrew Smith tells us about his experience installing a MT Solar Two-Pole Mount... I assembled it myself with the help of, at most, two other people. Even on a fairly steep slope, I was impressed by how well every piece fit together and the quality of workmanship. On a slope, assembling two halves of the structure worked well. It was a challenge to ensure that the two sub-arrays were perfectly parallel before I [...]


Collins Controls – Bellvue, CO

Collins Controls - Bellvue, CO This 24 module two-pole system had to be designed to withstand the harsh conditions of a snowy, lakeside lodge.  It was engineered to be installed at 9000 ft, with 130 mph winds and 60 psf snow load.  According to installer Doug Medina, the building and raising of the frame and array only took one long day. Being able to build evrything at waist level allowed the four guys on our crew to work [...]