Homeowner Andrew Smith tells us about his experience installing a MT Solar Two-Pole Mount…

I assembled it myself with the help of, at most, two other people. Even on a fairly steep slope, I was impressed by how well every piece fit together and the quality of workmanship. On a slope, assembling two halves of the structure worked well. It was a challenge to ensure that the two sub-arrays were perfectly parallel before I started installing solar panels when they were on different planes. But a little time with a string and laser level allowed me to almost completely build one half of the array (wiring and all) separately from the other half, then raise the two parts to meet each other with the chain hoists.

I could not be more impressed with MT Solar throughout this entire process. From my initial inquiry to their assistance with proper engineering drawings, shipping, instructions, and willingness to send a pair of bolts when I ran short. Two people can easily build even a large array like this with a MT Solar system, and it all ran smoothly. Everything fit the way it was supposed to. Changing the array angle takes no more than maybe 15 lbs of effort force. It’s impressive.

I have a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, and I feel like I know a well-designed structure when I see it. This array is an outstanding piece of engineering and manufacturing! Furthermore, the array has now been in place during 50 mph winds. I went outside in the middle of the night during the storm to observe the array. It would move just a small amount to take up the play in the adjustment tubes (which has to be there to prevent binding), moving perhaps 1/2 degree, and then it was ROCK solid. No movement.

Before choosing MT Solar, I visited another residential site which had 4 much smaller arrays from another company, and that company only used a 3/4″ bolt as the pivot point compared to MT Solar’s 4″ pipe. Their arrays are already failing as the bolt erodes the hole. I have confidence that my array will last my lifetime.  I’d like to thank MT Solar for making a wonderful product. I will strongly endorse them to anyone I meet.