Collins Controls – Bellvue, CO

This 24 module two-pole system had to be designed to withstand the harsh conditions of a snowy, lakeside lodge.  It was engineered to be installed at 9000 ft, with 130 mph winds and 60 psf snow load.  According to installer Doug Medina, the building and raising of the frame and array only took one long day. Being able to build evrything at waist level allowed the four guys on our crew to work safer and more efficiently.

This system is now coupled with an existing roof array of 6.4kW bringing the combined PV to a whopping 13.4kW, running two 8kW Radian inverters with a 2000NC battery bank…1900A/hrs and a back up generator 15kW Generac EcoGen.

The MT Solar mounting system is part of a beautiful system that supports this beautiful lodge nestled on the shore of Hourglass Reservoir.

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