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Array Layout for Rail Package

For the 3.1 Rail Package, please choose your number of columns and rows.
Columns = Wide
Rows = High

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MT Solar’s 3.1 rail system is designed for ease of installation with our mounts. These heavy duty rails are designed to exceed in extreme conditions. The 85 inch lengths of rail work with a structural splice that can be used anywhere in the run. Rails are shipped inside the container with the mounting structure.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Module Orientation

Landscape, Portrait

Rows x Columns

2R x 1C, 3R x 1C, 4R x 1C, 5R x 1C, 2R x 2C, 3R x 2C, 4R x 2C, 5R x 2C, 6R x 2C, 3R x 3C, 4R x 3C, 5R x 3C, 6R x 3C, 3R x 4C, 4R x 4C, 5R x 4C, 6R x 4C, 3R x 5C, 4R x 5C, 5R x 5C, 6R x 5C, 3R x 6C, 4R x 6C, 5R x 6C, 6R x 6C, 3R x 7C, 4R x 7C, 5R x 7C, 6R x 7C, 3R x 8C, 4R x 8C, 5R x 8C, 6R x 8C, 3R x 9C, 4R x 9C, 5R x 9C, 6R x 9C, 3R x 10C, 4R x 10C, 5R x 10C, 6R x 10C, 3R x 11C, 4R x 11C, 5R x 11C, 6R x 11C, 3R x 12C, 4R x 12C, 5R x 12C, 6R x 12C, 3R x 13C, 4R x 13C, 5R x 13C, 6R x 13C, 3R x 14C, 4R x 14C, 5R x 14C, 6R x 14C, 3R x 15C, 4R x 15C, 5R x 15C, 6R x 15C, 3R x 16C, 4R x 16C, 5R x 16C, 6R x 16C, 2R x 17C, 3R x 17C, 4R x 17C, 5R x 17C, 6R x 17C, 2R x 18C, 3R x 18C, 4R x 18C, 5R x 18C, 6R x 18C, 2R x 19C, 3R x 19C, 4R x 19C, 5R x 19C, 6R x 19C, 2R x 20C, 3R x 20C, 4R x 20C, 5R x 20C