Top of Pole – A Ground Mounted Solution

Solar Mounting Solutions

  • Supports 1-20 modules on one pole, and larger arrays utilize multiple mounting poles connected together for extra stability
  • Modules mounted 3,4, or 5 high in landscape
  • Assemble array at ground level and hoist the array to the final installation position, no ladders required
  • Manual Tracker: changing the tilt is simple with a hand-crank adjuster, accessible from the ground, no extra tools required. Tilt from 5-90 degrees
  • Multiple frame duties and pole sizes to accommodate any wind or snow load
  • Support post not included and should be sourced locally
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Pole Mounts

  • Can be installed in difficult or variable terrain
  • Designed and built to withstand extreme environments
  • Convenient project calculator to help estimate your project needs based on site conditions
  • Installer designed for fast and easy installation
  • Stamped engineered drawings and calculations available for all states and provinces at an extra charge
  • Support available to ensure projects are finished quickly and efficiently
  • Easy to follow installation manuals
  • Efficiently packaged mounts to support faster delivery
  • Custom projects are welcomed
  • Seamless mounting process to ensure a painless experience for installers and project managers to allow their focus and energy to be on other parts of the project


Pole Mount

Mount Configuration:

MT Solar pole mounts are installed on steel pipe to support arrays of many different sizes and configurations. Modules on our pole mounts are configured in landscape. For our single-pole pole mount, 1 to 20 modules can be installed. The number of modules in each row can vary depending on the total quantity of panels required. For arrays with 6 – 9 panels; 3 high for larger arrays; 4 or 5 modules high. For arrays that are too large to fit on a single pole, our multipole is an option, which simply connects poles in series to support the total array size. Multi-pole arrays are inherently stronger because of the extra support post that provides more stability and prevents twisting in high winds. Depending on the size of the array and the quantity of poles, the pole spacing will vary. For smaller arrays we have the 2” Series to support one module on a 2” pipe. The Blade Series supports 1-4 modules, on a 4” pipe. The Angle Series to support 4-8 modules on a 4” or 6” pipe. Our beam series is our best known pole mount that can support 6+ modules on a 6”, 8”, or 10” pipe.

Adjustable Tilt:

Our pole mounts are adjustable from 5-90° with our screw adjuster. This hand-crank allows the tilt to be easily adjusted with both feet on the ground, with no extra equipment by one person!  This feature is utilized for module maintenance, seasonal adjustments, and just for fun!

Hoisting the Array:

MT Solar chain hoist options for solar arrays makes installations easier and more efficient.  This patented feature requires less equipment and time for installers at the site. The ability to assemble the array at a comfortable height and then hoist it to its final position all from the ground is what makes our mounting solution stand out from the rest.  But be careful, we have been told we are habit forming with our pole mounts.  We have had some installers tell us they will never use another mounting option after using ours!

Safety in Mind:

On any project there are potential hazards to you and your installation team.  So when you have the chance to minimize your risk that is always a benefit.  MT Solar’s pole mount will reduce ladder time and the need to lift solar modules overhead.  Reducing the risk and stress of worry is a relief for peace of mind and the money saved.

Foundation Options:

For the pole mounts we can support many foundation options. We can provide stamped drawings/calculations for concrete embedment pipe, concrete drilled pier, base plates and anchor rods. We provide complimentary foundation recommendations for concrete embedded beams using our project calculator.