A covered parking structure for home or business that generates power. The Solar Carport is also a perfect match for EV(electric vehicles) charging stations. MT Solar offers many configuration options. Below are some recommendations to kickstart your design process.

truck parked under solar carport

Solar Carport Features:

  • Parking can be east/west or north/south
  • Coverage for 2-6 vehicles per array
  • Engineered for snow and wind
  • Accommodates wide range of PV module sizes
  • Heavy Duty Tamarack 3.1 Rail system
  • Seasonal Tilt Adjustment

Dual Use Benefits:

  • Reduced energy expenses using renewables
  • Efficient use of space – dual purpose
  • Convenient EV charging
  • Protects and shades vehicles
solar carport with two vehicles underneath

Create Your Design

The example carport designs below for your reference. Please fill out the design form to meet your specifications.

solar carport drawing with two electric vehicles parked beneath

Solar Carport – North/South Parking

solar power generating carport with tesla electric cars underneath

Solar Carport – East/West Parking