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If you’re unsure of the diameter of mounting pole, frame duty or foundation size you need for your project, then you came to the right place! Our calculator will help you determine what to order based on your local site conditions. This calculator can be used to estimate the required foundation and/or the mount required at the install site.

Maximum wind speeds and snow loads can be found through your local jurisdiction’s building codes or with this free website tool (

If any of the outputs are listed as ‘Custom’, please fill out our Project Design Assistance form and we will look further at the installation site and help you size the correct mount.

1) Enter your contact info.
2) Add inputs and foundation specifications.
3) Get your outputs. *Important* Once you are satisfied with the foundation, print your outputs and save this information.
4) Click on green “Go To Product” button to go the recommended mount.
* Note: may not work if pop-up windows are blocked.
5) You can save this as a quote at checkout.
6) Download the Pole Mount Reference Diagram as a key to your outputs.

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Reference Diagram Single Pole Mount